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Typical stories…

Eamon and Harmil Pardesi - MyEd


“Thanks to ART we have been able to invest in bringing our business to market quicker.  They really grasped the concept and wer...

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Staff at Midlands Components

Midlands Components

“We were able to go ahead with our plans to expand, thanks to ART.  The key part was someone coming out and sitting down with u...

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car restored by Concept Restorations

Concept Restorations

“I have always enjoyed working with ART.  They are able to give you a quicker response than the banks.  The staff are knowledg...

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Image from Vaxitard performed by Little EGO

EGO Performance

“The application process was straightforward and ART was very easy to deal with.  Graham came out to meet us, to get to know us...

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John Hamilton, Essentially Yours

Essentially Yours

“Funding hasn’t proved as easy to get as I had imagined.  People tell you that funding is available for this that or the othe...

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Staff at New Digital Marketing

New Digital Marketing

“The process of applying for a loan from ART was straightforward.  We filled in the application form and received a very quick...

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BMX bike action at Unit3Sixty


“Of all our funders, ART has been the most in touch with what we want to achieve and understood that, as a social enterprise, t...

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Wyebridge Interiors

Wyebridge Interiors

“I can’t praise ART highly enough.  They were excellent.  Graham came to visit and was extremely helpful; always available w...

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John Key, Jules Morgan and Steve Walker at KPM Marine

KPM Marine

“We’re grateful for the existence of CDFI’s such as ART. In today’s economic environment UK business more than ever nee...

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Tajinder Chaudhry of Able Jouneys

Able Journeys

"ART Business Loans was not the cheapest, but they were prepared to lend me the money, which other funders weren't in the early da...

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Lee Parry of Enigma Digital

Enigma Digital

"ART's remit is to support enterprise and be less risk averse than other lenders - they are looking for reasons to give you a loan...

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M & BG staff

M & BG

"Without ART we wouldn't be in such a strong position. As a result of the acquisition their loan allowed us to make we are a more...

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Learn Play Foundation office

LearnPlay Foundation

"Being able to access finance from ART meant we were able to win a national government contract."...

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Joanne McDonnell at her Florist and Tea Room

Joanne’s Florist and Tea Room

"Graham from ART was really helpful and friendly.  He still pops by when he is in the area to see how we are getting on.” ...

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ART Business Loans client Mark Walker at Oaks Consultancy

Oaks Consultancy

“Martin from ART was a realist.  He was grounded and intelligent.  He understood the business and the bigger picture.” ...

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Keith Ascough, RAD Windows

RAD Windows

"ART is prepared to take a higher risk than the banks in backing businesses to support and create jobs.”...

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Sue, Dave and James Perry with Warren Delo at StayDry


“Our seasonal pattern obviously makes banks uncomfortable with extending credit, so thank goodness organisations like ART exist...

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Brian Donnelly, Synapse


“ART was a life-saver. It was like talking to a bank manager, as you could 20 years ago.”...

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Michelle Henry, HNS Signs

HNS Signs

“ART was really easy to deal with, which was unexpected when it seems to be so hard to even get an overdraft from a bank!”...

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Ricky Manton. Photographer: Marc Kirsten

Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe

“The staff at ART were friendly and supportive. They made me feel like more than just an anonymous statistic.”...

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Andy Savery, M6 Motor Bodies

M6 Motor Bodies

“The application and decision-making process at ART is quicker than with the banks.”...

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Mark Thompson. Picture: Emma Walker.

AceOn Technology

“ART was fantastic. They came out to see us and they understood. After we signed the contract, the money came through quickly....

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Mojito Events

“ART was supportive and understanding of our plans for expansion.”...

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Keith Noronha. Picture: Emma Walker.

Reynolds Technology

“In spite of having a good financial record, we did not fit the criteria for the banks. ART is less restrictive in its lending...

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Roger Weeks. Photographer: Emma Walker

Henshaw Manufacturing

“It’s good to know that a lender like ART exists for those tricky times when something exceptional happens.”...

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Rob Jones.


“I can’t speak too highly of ART – dealing with them was so easy. The bank came along with a checklist of other products to...

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Kirkwood Walker at FW Fitness. Photographer: Emma Walker.

FW Fitness

“ART was amazing; the best. All our dealings with them were pain free!”...

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Catherine Horniblow


“ART was our saviour. They didn’t seem to need to ask inappropriate questions, they understood.”...

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ART Borrower D3 Display

D3 Display

“We have had a variety of funders, but the loans from ART have been a vital part of the package enabling us to follow through on...

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Elaine Halliwell


“ART gave me so much more than just the money – they gave me the confidence to go ahead and buy the business.”...

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Chef cooking at Shahi Masala

Shahi Masala

Shahi Masala was set up by Mr & Mrs Malik, a couple whose love of good food and dining out with friends gave them the idea for a n...

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”ART’s loan enabled me to open my own restaurant a lot sooner than I would otherwise have been able to.”...

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